Private leading and guiding

One of our specialities is guiding or leading small numbers of clients in the British mountains; they can be just individuals who would like to climb and wander in the mountains, or couples and climbing partnerships that have an ambition to climb above their own experience levels. The adventures that can be enjoyed are second to none; ratios will not exceed 1:2 and are better suited to 1:1.

Typically, clients like to get out away from the maddening crowd and opt for routes off the beaten track, such as:

  • Multi-pitch routes on Lliwedd or Cwm Silyn, in North Wales
  • Rock and ice routes on the Ben
  • Classic climbs in the Peak

Days will be aimed at the individual level and we would provide a fun and memorable day out. New techniques and skills could also be on the agenda so different itineraries can be developed for all and tailored to best suit your needs.

Dates: By arrangement, just get in touch
Costs: £140 per day, £180 for two people, increasing the number of days will bring the daily price down.