Mountain Scrambling

Mountain or ridge scrambling is an exciting activity taking you into terrain that isn’t quite walking, but it’s also not climbing either! It’s adventure in its authentic form. It is for those that have a passion for mountaineering and want to reach the summits by ascending steeper gradients. The ridges and buttresses are normally away from the easier footpaths, which tend to get quite busy at times. Anyone with reasonable hill or mountain walking experience can have a go; although not quite climbing, participants will need to have a harness and helmet, (these items can be provided), and the rope will be used to protect you on steeper routes, when necessary.

Leaders for these courses will be highly qualified mountain instructors with a vast amount of experience. Because of the nature of the terrain our ratios tend to be 1:2, however, ratios can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Introduction to Scrambling Course


Course Dates:

  • 2&3 April 2011
  • 21&22 May 2011
  • 11&12 June 2011
  • 16&17 July 27 2011
  • 27 & 28 August 2011

Cost of course: £130 pp, non residential

Scrambling Improvers Course

High Cirrus

Course Dates:

  • 1&2 April
  • 4&5 June
  • 9&10 July
  • 13&14 August
  • 17&18 September
  • 2011

Cost of course: £135 pp, non-residential